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Mukul has done over Rs.10 Crores+ in sales with his eCom brand

Vinu crossed a Rs. 1 Crore+ in 63 days

Arun has done over Rs.3 Crores+ in sales with his eCom brand

Aryan has done over Rs.1.5 Crores+ in sales with his eCom brand

Tauseef has done over Rs.7 Crores+ in sales with his eCom brand

Aditi has done over Rs.1 Crore+ in sales with her eCom brand

Rohan crossed Rs.1 Crore+ in sales with his eCom brand

Vishal crossed Rs.80 Lakhs+ in sales with his eCom brand

Archit crossed Rs.1 Crore+ in sales with his eCom brand

Anmol crossed Rs.40 Lakhs+ in sales with his eCom brand

Neeti scaled to Rs.80 Lakhs+ with her eCom brands

Garvit crossed Rs.80 Lakhs+ in sales with his eCom brands

Shubham crossed Rs.2.5 Crore+ in sales with his eCom brands

Aman crossed Rs.1 Crore+ in sales with his eCom brand

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Brand Building Accelerator Program


Before I share with you what the BBA coaching program is and how it can help you build your own eCommerce brand, I think knowing the context behind why this is even a possibility will help to bring more clarity.

Long story short I went from zero to building a Rs 35 crores+ business in the last couple of years..

And while doing this I was also able to help my top clients do over $30 crores+ in sales for their own eCommerce businesses that they started from scratch..

The main reason why people join BBA is because we not only train them about building an eCommerce brand from scratch, but we actually mentor them every single day through group coaching calls on zoom. These coaching calls are direct 1-1 interactions with me, our head coach (a 7-figure eCom brand owner) and our client success coach.

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say…

Real People with Real Results!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen on this call?

On this call we’ll identify where you’re at in your ecommerce journey. Maybe you are wanting to start your brand or maybe you’re already building one. We’d also understand the goals and vision you have for your eCommerce business. And based on what you share with us on the call, we’ll identify if we can really help you and contribute in your journey. If we feel we can, we’ll talk more about our program and what we have to offer. If we feel we can’t or if we feel that you’re not a good fit for our program, we’ll let you know that too.

Is this a sales call or will you pitch me something?

No, this is not a SALES call and we’re not going to be pitching you or forcing you to buy from us. Yes, we have our businesses to run and the reason we do these calls is because we know that we can add value. Our mentorship, coaching and trainings have helped our clients do over 30 Crores+ in sales combined and we’ve no doubt that we can help you in building a brand making at least 80 Lakhs+ and beyond. After understanding where you’re at presently if we really feel that we can add value we’ll let you know and invite you to become a part of our program, if not, we’ll be honest and not even talk about our program. The idea is not to SELL you something. The idea is to really identify if you and we can be a good fit for each other and if we can add value to your eCommerce journey.

What kind of success have you and your clients got and can you help me do the same?

We got started with eCommerce in 2017. Since then we’ve done over 35 Crores+ in sales across multiple stores we’ve run. Then, in 2021 we started our international brand Kalmin Ross. We’re currently selling pan India and in US. The brand’s done over 3 Cr+ in sales in the first 1 year.
We started helping people building eCommerce brands in late 2018. Since then, our top clients have done over 30 Crores+ in sales combined. We’ve been in the space for a while now ourselves, practicing our craft everyday and because we’ve seen multiple of our clients killing it with the game, we know how this works and what it really takes. So we’ve no doubt that we can’t help you. Provided, you’re wanting to be helped.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Once we agree that we’re a right fit to work together, only then additional details will be provided.

Are you a service based company or will you do the work for me?

No. We’re a coaching company. We help people build eCommerce brands through our coaching programs. We are not an agency.

How will you help me with your program?

With BBA, we’ll help you through 3 channels: Step By Step video training + Daily Group Q&A Sessions + Community Support. BBA is an action oriented coaching program where we teach you everything from scratch through the training videos and actually mentor you 1-1 through our group coaching sessions that happen every Mon-Fri.

What budget do I need to build my brand?

We recommend you to have a startup capital of 2-3 Lakhs INR when you’re starting out. This amount includes our program fee. You will spend most of this money in marketing your eCommerce business.

 I don’t have my own product. Will this still work for me?

You don’t need your own products when you’re starting out. You will start with drop-shipping. Which means that you’ll find suppliers who will ship the orders you get directly to your customers. You won’t have to pre-buy any products or stock inventory. You’ll start with selling products that your suppliers own, manage and ship on your behalf.

Which business model should I start with? Dropshipping or POD?

There are multiple eCommerce based business models that you can pick. I’d recommend you to pick the one that suits you the best. Once we start working together, I’ll introduce you to different models and I’ll make you go through a process that’ll help you identify which model is the best for you.

Which niche should I go for? How do I find products?

Once we start working together, I’ll introduce you to a process that’ll help you do niche research and find products that have the potential to win.

Which country should I sell in? India or US?

Selling within India or in the US has its own positives and negatives. We break them down for you inside the program so that you can pick what suits you best.

I am not so confident that I will be able to make it work.

It’s totally natural to feel this way. It’s totally natural to be scared when you’re starting out something new. Believe in yourself and believe in the process we’ll take you through. The process and the program has created multiple success stories not only for us but also for a ton of our clients.

How can I trust you?

You can learn about me and the work I’ve been doing in the eCommerce space on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can also check out my brand Kalmin Ross.

Check my Instagram highlights to learn more about my results and our client results. And my own eCommerce journey. You can also find client success stories and interviews on our website.

What kind of ROI can I expect from my business?

So eCommerce is like a real business like any other business. Imagine starting a shop where you sell items of daily needs. You’ll invest in the shop, stock, location, the team and so much more. And how soon you start getting a profitable return will depend on a lot of factors. Like your customers, best sellers, sales, stock count and so much more.

Now running an ecom brand is so much better than running a physical store of course. You don’t need huge inventory, in fact you can even start without any products and drop shop, you don’t pay huge rent or need a team. You spend mostly on getting direct sales for your brand.

Now while I can’t share any EXACT ROI numbers, in fact no one can for any business. Even the world’s biggest mutual funds can’t give you exact numbers. But based on averages we’ve seen that our clients are able to get profitable within 3-6 months. And are able to cross $100k in sales at least in 6-12 months. But again, because it’s a business and your results will depend on the action you take, I can’t give you any guarantees. If someone gives you any guarantees, understand that the person is just trying to sell stuff to you.

How will I deal with market competition? Why will people buy from me?

The market is huge. So you start selling something that’s already proven to sell for your competitors. People will buy from you because of the way you will market to them. We’ll use FB Ads for it. You’ll target people who’d have really high potential to buy the products you’ll be selling. Standing out from the competition happens later when you become profitable and start launching fresh products that haven’t been launched by most. Or you can then start getting your own custom products or designs created later. But first, you’ll sell products that are already available with drop-shipping suppliers, get profitable and then launch different and new products.