About BrandBuilding.tv

For five years, we’ve been perfecting the art of running a “7-Figure eCommerce” business.

Here you’ll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, Story, and Team members.

Who we help

We help people who want to build long term, profitable, sustainable, scalable and predictable eCommerce brands that customers love. We only work with people who have the time, money and vision to build a long term brand. These people have all the raw materials necessary for 6-figure brands but they lack the structures, systems, processes, tools, and guidance on how to get there.

What do we do

We help these people build long term brands making at least Rs 75 Lakhs/year in revenue. We do this through our our training program: Accelerator. Our program aims to help people start their brands in the right markets, selling the right products, in the right ways while keeping customers happy, profits high and operations managed.

Our philosophy

We believe that eCommerce brands need to be customer focussed and not revenue focused. Real, long term brands are built when:

1. Premium and high quality products are sold.
2. To the right target market hungry to buy.
3. With a smooth and predictable fulfilment system.
4. A scalable marketing system.
5. A controllable operations system

Our Story

Part 1. Let’s make eCommerce work

It all started back in 2017 when I, Nishkarsh Sharma, wanted to build an eCommerce business that I could scale and grow without having to deal with clients 1-1, meeting deadlines, expanding my team and hunting new clients all the time. Tried my hands on building a drop-shipping eCommerce business myself, but couldn’t make it work. That’s when I met my first mentor online and agreed to pay him Rs.7.5 Lakhs to coach me. This was all the money my business partner and I had saved from our last business.

Within the first month of going live with our drop-shipping business we were about to consume all our savings. That’s when my mentor recommended me to start with printon-demand, a drop-shipping based business model which involves selling items related to prints like printed T-Shirts, mugs, hoodies, tank tops, shoes and a lot more.

Part 2. Cracking the code

In our second month of going live with our print-on-demand business we crossed Rs.1 crore in sales. We were on cloud9 because we hadn’t seen these kind of results in any of our businesses or overall professional lives. We went on to operate our stores on the same model and scaled to Rs.35 crores+ in sales while maintaining 10-15% margins. We still run a print-on-demand store, it’s managed by a tag team of 2 people.

We continued sharing our success, processes and tips with eCommerce on other FB groups and our social media accounts. People started reaching out to us to get help and asking for coaching. Somewhere around late 2018 we created our first eCommerce coaching program, called Ecom Success and launched it in US.

Then we started Digital Dukaandaar, our eCommerce coaching program in India. Since then till today our top clients have done over Rs30 crores+ in sales combined. And all of them started from zero, mostly with no eCommerce experience and scaling to multiple 5 figures, 6 figures and even 7 figures in their businesses. We have over a dozen clients who’ve done at least Rs.75 Lakhs/year in sales.

Part 3. Build something that’s unique, different and long term

The biggest issues and challenges that we’ve faced with drop-shipping and print on demand are creating differentiation and positioning ourselves uniquely. It’s very easy to be copied in this space if you’re not niching down, selling something different, marketing yourself differently, targeting a specific market, focussing on customer happiness, product quality and service. This led us to start our brand Kalmin Ross in the US and Indian market. Kalmin Ross grossed 3 Crore+ in its first year and we’re currently growing the brand as you read this.

Part 4. Brand building is the present and future of eCommerce

Being in the space for 5 years, trying general drop-shipping, print-on-demand and finally building a brand we’ve realised and understood that this is the right and best way to build an eCommerce business – building a brand that’s long term, sustainable, predictable, dependable and loved by customers. A brand that sells different products, adds uniqueness, has a unique identity and brand value and makes customers come back over and over again. And that’s exactly what we help our clients do.

At BrandBuilding.tv our vision is really simple, we want to help people like you build long term, profitable and predictable eCommerce brands that make at least Rs.75 Lakhs/year. Brands that customers love.

Our Team

Nishkarsh Sharma

CEO & Founder

Creates content, helps clients, and leads the business.

Srijan Bhardwaj

CFO & Founder

Manages operations and finances.

Mukul Mishra

Client Success Head Coach

Coaches, and holds clients accountable to results.

Rishabh Shah

Client Success Coach

Onboards clients.

Kirti Talwar

Client Success Coach

Onboards clients.

Oyendrila Gupta

Client Success Coach

Coaches, and holds clients accountable to results.

Himanshu Tiwary

Client Success Coach

Onboards clients.